Hi, fans. I know it has been a while since I really updated everyone on this project. Really i can't do it by myself and while trying to research when more episodes are coming to Netflix I noticed that there may be problems with the show in the UK which brings me to the point that I would love to have some people from the UK helping on this project of ours too. The purpose of this project is to bring more Wolfblood to Disney but following the Save Disney Shows, main focus we would love to save this show from cancelation no matter the network it is from. I feel that we together can make that happen, we can't all afford to pay to subscribe to Netflix here in the United States, and those out in the UK aren't getting Wolfblood on Netflix, so this is one super project to improve how this show is watched as there are many fans. This site will be hopefully a super site for people to goto to find out info on Wolfblood or how to contact those close to the show or the networks that carry the show. There are tabs at the top of this page that take you to external sites one is a fan fiction site the other is FAQ this will take you to the creator of the shows website, where i try and get most of my info from.